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Lead Shot (Bb-9) - Precision Reloading Our Nickel plated lead shot is the best there is! Electroplated Nickel, not washed, makes our lead shot harder and has the advantages of patterning better, hitting hard and penetrating deeper An independent study has proven that Precision Reloading’s Nickel plated lead shot is the hardest on the market
Hard cast lead and polymer coated bullets | Badman Bullets Competition grade hard cast lead bullets, hi-tek polymer coated bullets, reloading gear, lube, gun parts and shooting accessories Full category list of Badman Bullets products 541-409-5047 Oregon
Reclaimed shot / lead | Oklahoma Shooters Apr 27, 2015· Reclaimed shot / lead Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by aviator41, Apr 27, 2015 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next >Apr 27 , check out the cast boolits forum in either the classifieds or vendor classifieds theres a guy selling mixed reclaimed shot for around 90-$100 a pound he usually has more than anyone could want ill look through and see .
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Reclaimed Lead Shot - (2-25) Bags 50 Pounds - RotoMetals My first order was NOT good I shoot skeet so reclaimed shot is fine but you were out so you sent me NEW shot for the same price , Reclaimed Lead Shot - (2-25) Bags 50 Pounds - Washed and Graphited , 25 pound bags 50 pounds total of washed and re-graphited shot that some people have used for reloading It is also great for making scuba .
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Shotgunworld • Cheapest place to buy lead shot?? Jul 25, 2010· I just bought 600 lbs of reclaimed shot, a mix of 7 1/2's to 9's Very clean, no rocks or grit It works great if I do my part I'm reloading it in the 12 an 20 ga for now $1900 a bag, if they bag it $1800 @ 25 lbs in bulk In the next month or so I'm gonna buy a ton of it in bulk
Reclaimed Shot | Michigan Sportsman - Online Michigan , May 09, 2018· Re-cycled shot - That depends on who does the re-cycling Often re-cycled shot is bagged with sand, plant debris and the like A number of years ago a couple of guys at my gun club contracted to surface "mine" lead shot from some area gun clubs with a mini front loader
Lead-recycling business has more than shot at success Sep 02, 2012· Lead-recycling business has more than shot at success , Lead Us Reclaim typically shares 20% to 40% of proceeds from sale of the reclaimed lead with the shooting clubs that hire the firm
reclaimed shotgun shot for sale portland or - BINQ Mining Dec 10, 2012· Reclaimed shot for sale for reloading – Welcome to Culver’s , Reclaimed shot for sale for reloading , They also reclaim shot for gun clubs and are looking at quoting on our Trap club in Illinois »More detailed
Lead shot reload - bulk, best place to buy? | The High Road Nov 17, 2008· What is the best place to buy lead shot? I'm interested in bulk quantities of 8 or 9 shot for trap/skeet and 00 buck for SHTF fan scenario By bulk I mean I will buy a minimum of 50 lbs and will easily consider up to 200 lbs of lead
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Shotshell reloading | The Firearms Forum - The Buying , Jul 06, 2012· Shotshell reloading Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by Evins74s, May 26 , Some specifically for STEEL shot With that said, the cost of lead shot is absolutely obsurd Loading a few boxes for hunting loads is probably not cost effective Just a thought , loading 7/8oz with reclaimed shot = $50 give or take a few .
Lawrence Chilled Lead Shot | Bass Pro Shops Lawrence® Chilled Lead Shot delivers the quality and performance you demand in your hunting and target shooting loads Graphite coated, Chilled shot provides reloaders and shooters with a pellet hardness factor equivalent to 2% antimonial lead
Reclaimed shotgun lead good for making bullets? Sep 27, 2009· My gun club sells reclaimed shot - mainly for shotgun reloaders Was wondering if it would also be good for casting bullets (38/357 and 45) Have tried casting round ball for BP revolvers - casts real well but too hard for BP Seems like would be good for modern bullets Thanks for advice and responses!
Enviro-Metal Lead Shot Reclamation and Recovery Services Enviro-Metal, is the only lead recover and reclamation company that can work in wet lands, open water or dry land with our Patented machinery and process There is a need to clean up our environment, before being forced to do so We share the proceeds of recovered lead and reclaimed lead shot with gun clubs, who employ us
r/reloading - Reloading 12 gauge shells in an apartment on , Lead costs are your primary expense and even if you can find reclaimed shot, you'll struggle to reload for cheaper than the cheap factory stuff Now, if your interest is reloading for competition or for 410/28/16/10ga, then you can certainly find room to reduce your costs over factory stuff
Reclaimed shot for casting bullets? - Gunloads Mar 10, 2017· Reclaimed lead shot good for casting bullets ? A couple of years ago, a member at my shotgun club pointed out that behind an old obscure shed on the property was a barrel of "reclaimed" shot
Reclaimed Lead Shot for Sale & Shipment – Redlands , Reclaimed Lead Shot for Sale & Shipment $7000 for 50 lbs Shipped!!! The shot is reclaimed so it is not perfect shot but great for target practice at a cheaper price than new The shot is mostly 75’s and 8’s If you have any questions please feel free to ask Thanks
Reclaimed Shot | Shotgun Report® Mar 23, 2015· I use reclaimed shot almost exclusively and am very pleased with it I bought it at $1/lb two years ago at the height of lead pric Today, (March 2015) with the price of lead on the world market having fallen substantially, one might expect the price of bagged blead shot to fall soon from it’s current price of $40~$50/bag We’ll see
Reclaimed shot | Michigan Sportsman - Online Michigan , Jul 04, 2016· Reclaimed shot can be a mixed bag (every pun intended) It depends on just how it was reclaimed, how it was subsequently processed - if at all - and what gauge it is being reloaded in If it's just shoveled out of the ground and sifted to get the larger pieces of debris removed it's hardly worth the discount over new lead And most especially .
reclaimed shot in oregon - BINQ Mining Nov 26, 2012· >Mining Equipment >reclaimed shot in oregon; Print reclaimed shot in oregon Posted at:November 26, 2012[ 48 - 2863 Ratings] LEAD SHOT FOR SALE RECLAIMED LEAD SHOT FOR RELOADING OF TRAP OR SKEET SHELLS Because of the Lead Market, the price fluctuates !! (Our prices are based on current London ,
How to clean reclaimed shot from skeet range Feb 26, 2013· I went down to the local skeet range and swept up a couple coffee cans of lead shot off the ground It has a light grey look to it Does anyone know the easiest way to get the organic material out of it I dont want to put that **** in my MECH Thnks.
Where to get reclaimed lead shot | North Carolina Gun Owners Jul 31, 2013· Where does one get reclaimed lead shot for reloading 12ga locally? Last time I saw lead shot was at Pro Bass and they wanted $60 for 25lb Kind of ridiculous if you ask me
Reclaimed Recycled lead shot, great for ballast weight Reclaimed Recycled lead shot, great for ballast weight - This is Recycled lead shot from gun rang Its just been air cleaned, and not to be used for reloading This is the best and cheapest source for just dead weight Some foreign debris, ie roc
reclaimed lead shot - Bullets, Cartridges and Reloading , Apr 28, 2017· happy new year everybody about a fortnight ago i found a site that was selling reclaimed lead about £120 a kilo now cant find it anywhere i think it was yorkshire derbyshire area anyone any idea where it is or know where i can get some thanks , Bullets, Cartridges and Reloading ; reclaimed lead shot
Northwest Reclamation: Lead Metal Reclamation Website Northwest Reclamation is a lead shot reclamation company specializing in trap, skeet and sporting clay rang Contractor services for all phases of lead reclamation and sal We provide all services necessary and arrange for all shipping of lead salvaged Aggregate services available
Reclaimed shotgun lead - Page 2 - Sage's Reloading Forum May 26, 2019· I have around 600lbs of reclaimed shotgun lead collected, cleaned, and in 1lb-ish Lyman ingots I am asking 1$/lb and will ship in a small flat rate($7) which i can get around 24lbs in or in a medium flatrate($125) up to 70lbs Buyer pays shipping and 3% extra if non paypal friends and family I sold around 1200lbs of it last year and have not had any complaints on it
Reclaimed lead shot - 24hourcampfire My local firearms/ammo, etc dealer has cleaned and bagged reclaimed shot for sale at a substantial savings amount over new commercially bagged shot Anymore I engage in informal trap shooting and my upland hunting consists mainly hunting for Blue and ,
How to clean Jun 09, 2009· I read your post just now about you wanting to clean reclaimed shot I have reclaimed shot from a trap club I belong to and screen it in the field to get most of the dirt and sand out of it Once I get it home it gets screened again this time vacuming it as I screen with a commercial vac I do this 4 - 6 times in 25lb batch