how repress coke and make it rock hard

How To Rerock Dope How To Repress Cocaine With Acetone sandyridge How To Rerock Dope Meth, Does acetone work to rerock Does acetone work to rerock rerock How To Rerock Dope Meth it can still be rerocked to make it this sure looks like dealing if the heroin is in base how repress coke and make it rock hard sistemasolarespait
How is crack cocaine made? - Quora You need cocaine, some water, and a pinch of baking soda Put them all in a spoon and heat the bottom of the spoon with a lighter or any open flame The mixture will sizzle and an oily mass of slightly different color, will start forming in the li.
Fooling cocaine users with a toothache product | Deceptology DONT SELL COCAINE, unless your a heartless souless scum of the earth douche bag Then its real simple douche, dry out any wet cut, powder up the pure stuff and mix it all up If you want to try to fool people proper, get yourself a press and make your stuff look chunky I always got excited when I got coke that was as hard as crack
easy and back ways to rerock powder The Re-Rock – All Things Romania The “solution” (for the seller) therefore is to mix pure cocaine with dilutant and make it seem like its pure – therefore it is compressed back into “” or “rock” form and sold (more or less) as pure product
How do you rerock cocaine - Answers first off u grind down your pure cocaine to straight powder then u wanna spray it lightly with aceton you will need a spray bottle for this once uve sprayed lightly .
Urban Dictionary: re rock the act of re-rocking cocaine back into rock form after cutting it with a cutting agent , Lets re rock this coke so we can make more money homie! #cocaine #rerock #coke #nigga #killer by dildo knife September 16, , #cocaine #white # #soft #hard by Garit December 30, 2011 51 68 Get a Re-Rock mug for your sister-in-law Larisa 3
Steps on how to cook crack up on the stove? | Rollitup Jun 27, 2012· You would end up with a small amount of crack and the majority of coke still dissolved The pKa of cocaine is 86 so you need to raise the pH to 116 or greater Baking soda is a joke, you need washing soda or even a stronger base like CaOH to have the majority of the coke to turn freebase
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how to repress cut coke - associazioneromanatecniciit how repress coke and make it rock hard how repress coke and make it rock hard – Grinding Mill China , Coke that is cut on usually a wholesale level that is usually cut with procaine or benzocaine and mixed with acetone that is pressed with a large press machine to make it the coke into one solid piece to make it look like it might be uncut but people who truly seen lots of .
repressing coke with acetone - fruit-fantaisiech repressing coke with acetone hoteleldoradobenin how do i repress coke In Treato you can find posts from all over the web from people who wrote about Acetone and Inositol blend coke and inositol spray with a Online consultation; How You Cut And Repress Cocaine With Acetone, If it is april 14 How You Cut And Repress Cocaine With Acetone If it had .
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acetone rerock cocaine how to rerock powder coke - BINQ Mining A former dealer once told me that cocaine is often re-bricked to make it appear less cut , pretty much all powder at the , tho, I’d rerock it if it , » More detailed How do you re rock powder cocaine – The Q&A wiki Nhận thêm
how repress coke and make it rock hard – Grinding Mill China How do you re rock cocaine with acetone? pour a cup of acetone on it mix it and press it with your hand and let dry it will b hard as a rock » More detailed! Purity – Coke is mixing wierd with water – Drugs Forum Swim knows dealers can repress coke into rock, , so it would be hard ,
compress rerock cocaine Rerocking Coke Without Acetone, Rerocking Coke Without Acetone i am no drug dealer but, i would like to know how they re-rock cocaine you can clean it with acetone, then i mix it with a little water, and i december 9 acetone hydrolic press and last but not least a mold (this you have to make bingo bango you have now cut and re rocked your cocaine
How do you properly cut cocaine? : cocaine It's fairly simple logic how to make good cut if you understand the science and characteristics of cocaine Inositol is good bc it is harmless, adds weight, resembles Coke, and acts as a binding agent if you're going to re rock it If not just make sure you break your raw product down to the same consistency as the inositol and mix them well
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how to re rock repress press heroin powder - BINQ Mining how to re rock repress press heroin powder Posted at:January 13, 2013[ 45 - 3699 Ratings] , to “Re-Rock” coke , do you re rock cocaine with acetone? pour a cup of acetone on it mix it and press it with your hand and let dry it will b hard as a rock
Manufacturing Crack Cocaine - How Crack Cocaine Works , Crack cocaine is an easier-to-manufacture form of freebase cocaine – the only difference between cocaine and crack is that the latter has its hydrochloride removed, increasing the melting point and making the drug smokable Because its production doesn't require the use of flammable solvents, it is safer to make than freebase cocaine
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Can you turn Sep 10, 2008· Can you turn "melted" cocaine back into powder form? , First, can you turn crack back into coke? You sure enough can Put any acid (citric acid may be the most common) on a crack rock and let it dry and you will have yourself some dirty but usable cocaine powder Second, can you take melted cocaine and and get powder? Yes, but I won't .
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How do you compress cocaine powder - Answers Sep 22, 2010· If we say 35 grams GOOD coke then u take another 35 grams of lactose or cut of choice Place this all in a bag or two to make sure none spills as you will have to bang the bag with a hard ,
Cutting cocaine with inositol? - LeoAffairs Apr 07, 2017· Powder is easily diluted and that is what street coke is: diluted or cut The stuff peddled by pushers is rarely more than 60 percent pure cocaine hydrochloride -- and more often ranges from 5 to 35 percent The rest is the "cut," which is there either to make the coke seem of a ,
What are things to mix with cocaine to make it hard? - Quora Mar 21, 2017· I am here assuming that you wish to harden it in order to make Rock; forget adding sodium bicarbonate, and simmering with water/cocaine hydrochloride solution (that produces CRACK, which may well give a huge rocket boost on inhalation of fumes, bu.
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Rocking coke, | Hip Forums Jan 04, 2009· Im getting tired of all these stupid questions, kids trying to make fake coke, which they dont understand will get them shot or jumped real quick But anyway enough talking about the kid coke questions How do you re-rock cocaine? From powder form to rock form It ,
How To Build An Impact Mill How To Make Hard Rock Impact Mills | Crusher Mills, Cone , PORTABLE HARD ROCK MILL including: Mark 6 Rock Hog crusher, impact mill, 5’ shaker table, pumps, hoses, etc on trailer Ready to run, $13,000 how repress coke and make it rock hard – Grinding Mill , Get More
(Le Junk) Making Freebase Cocaine, The Correct Procedure , Apr 11, 2018· People making freebase/crack with sodium bicarbonate generally make it by mixing bicarbonate powder with coke in spoon/glass and after that add the water Or they just add the bicarb with coke+water in some ratio thought beforehand (ie 3:1) If you add too much bicarbonate you can contaminate the final product with it
How To Make Hard Rock Impact Mills | Crusher Mills, Cone , how repress coke and make it rock hard – Grinding Mill China » herkules heavy duty mill roll grinding machine » waste tyre recycling plant in kolar , Silver Lake To Sin City: Linq To Rock Hard,
Cocaine re rock machine for sale - Henan Mining Machinery , Cocaine re rock machine for sale Gold Ore Crusher Rock Machine Wikipedia A Lennoxville Quebec chapter of the Hells Angels suspected in March 1985 that the Laval chapter was interfering with drug profits through personal use of products intended for sale Cazzetta was arrested at a pitbull farm in 1994 for attempting to import eleven tons of cocaine